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Main Heading – h1

Secondary Heading – h2

Tertiary Heading – h3

Tertiary Heading Alt – h4

Small Heading – h5

Dan is an independent designer with a focus on letters: he draws typefaces, builds fonts, writes about typography, and teaches design and design history. He’s working on a doctoral dissertation on German type from the Wilhelmine period. Originally from the United States, Dan has lived in England and now resides in Germany. He created the typeface Dasa, and together with Mathieu Réguer developed Biryani and Martel Sans.

Some Important Headline

Martel is a libre font development project. Begun in 2008 in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading, the first weights of the font family were released in 2014:

  • Martel UltraLight
  • Light
  • Regular
  • DemiBold
  • Bold
  • ExtraBold
  • Heavy

Or as an ordered list

  1. Martel UltraLight
  2. Light
  3. Regular
  4. DemiBold
  5. Bold
  6. ExtraBold
  7. Heavy

How about a block quote and a link.

Kansas Site Content from Mike

Welcome to BioFitKansas.com — BioFit Engineered Products’ authorized vendor website for the State of Kansas, Contract ID: 0000000000000000000043955. Use it as your resource to help make informed purchases from our selection of innovative, proven and long-lasting ergonomic seating, mobile folding tables, carts and accessories for institutional and educational settings, including office, library, training, dining and laboratory environments.

For more details, visit Contracts to access the full contract.

Item: Furniture, Office, Library, School, Ergonomic and Laboratory
Contract ID: 0000000000000000000043955
Effective Dates: 1/1/2018 through 12/31/2023

[About BioFit] [Products & Pricing] Select from the respective categories below to download PDFs and order print versions of specification and price guides for BioFit seating, tables and cart/book truck lines. These descriptive resources include MSRP/list pricing for baseline product models and optional components.
Under the terms of the State of Kansas contract, the following discounts off the list pricing shown in the guides apply:
Seating: 46%
Tables: 50%
Carts/Book Trucks: 46%

See Contracts for full details.

MVMT Seating Line [Hyperlink popup window: http://biofit.info/002000-mvmt-specification-and-price-guide/] bimos and Foundation Seating Lines [Hyperlink popup window: http://biofit.info/001620-seating-price-list/] Cafeteria, Training and Mobile Folding Tables [Hyperlink popup window: http://biofit.info/001630-tables-price-list/] Steel Multipurpose Carts and Book Trucks [Hyperlink popup window: http://biofit.info/001750-multipurpose-carts/] [Resources] Access product architectural symbols needed to complete a floor plan. Select this link to download 2D and 3D CAD and Revit files of BioFit’s flagship MVMT seating line models. [Hyperlink “Select this link” TO POPUP WINDOW TO http://biofit.info/product-literature/2d-3d-revit-symbols/] [Contact] For sales, contact the BioFit manufacturer’s representative for Kansas:
Shirley Dahlberg
Gateway Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Phone: 800-469-3012/636-498-2200
Fax: 636-498-2211

For contract administration and additional information, contact BioFit’s Midwest Regional Sales Manager:

Daryl Hensley
BioFit Engineered Products
Phone: 812-582-9147
Fax: 419-823-1342

[FOOTER] BioFit Engineered Products is an Ohio-based manufacturer of U.S. Green Building Council LEED® compliant ergonomic chairs & stools, GREENGUARD® certified cafeteria & mobile folding tables, and specialty products for healthcare, office, laboratory, clean room/ESD/high tech, educational, industrial, and hospitality settings, and for custom needs and environments. BioFit seating meets CAL 117.
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